Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Warm & Toasty

The bathroom is known as being one of the coldest areas in the home, aside from the basement, so it’s no surprise that homeowners are constantly looking for ways to warm up this highly trafficked area.

When you’re just waking up and getting ready for a long day of work, you don’t want to put your feet against cold tile and step into a freezing tundra. Instead, use these expert tips to keep your bathroom warm and toasty.

Pre-Heat the Bathroom

If you’re tired of cold air greeting you when it’s time to shower, consider getting an electric heater for the bathroom and placing it in a safe place, where it can be turned on a few minutes before you start your bathroom routine. You may also consider using your home’s thermostat system to make the home warmer before you wake up.

Heated Bathroom Flooring

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Planning a bathroom renovation without adding heated floors is missing a huge opportunity. Companies specializing in bathroom solutions in fenton, mo know that radiant floor heating is becoming more popular in homes and is a great way to warm bathrooms along with other rooms in your house. Styles vary, so you can choose the best option for your bathroom to make sure it stays nice and warm even on cold winter mornings or nights.

Seal Windows

If you put water into a bucket that has holes drilled into it, the water is going to escape – the same concept applies with the heat in your bathroom. To keep the most heat in, seal the windows in the bathroom to prevent it from escaping. You should also make sure that any sources of heat in the bathroom are not being blocked as well, such as heat vents.

These simple expert tips for heating your bathroom can be used to end the torture of stepping into an ice cold bathroom.